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The Roadmap to a Green Building Program, and supplemental tools, are designed to help King County cities create and enhance their own green building programs and climate change initiatives and sustainability policies. The Roadmap provides cities with a comprehensive, easy to use tool that adapts to the municipality’s specific needs and outlines a detailed pathway toward creating a new green building program or enhancing an existing one.

The resulting Custom Roadmaps will help build a countywide infrastructure to promote green building and achieve environmental benefits. Together, King County cities will work to standardize green building practices and continue the County’s leadership as an innovator in green building and sustainable development.

Steps to Creating your Custom Roadmap

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Step 1: Request a PIN

In order to Create your Profile and Custom Roadmap you will need a PIN. To get a PIN, email with the subject "Roadmap PIN Request". Don't forget to include the name of your jurisdiction.

Step 2: Create your City Profile

Once you've received your unique PIN, you are ready to create your City Profile.

Step 3: Complete your Custom Roadmap

Once you have completed your City Profile, you’re ready to get started on the Roadmap! Using your same unique PIN, log-in using the form on the right. Additional resources are available in the Master Roadmap and Roadmap Shortcut.

Step 4: Submit Your Roadmap

When you are ready, review your Roadmap and submit a copy to the County. Instructions for how to review and submit your Roadmap are found in the Roadmap itself. King County can use all submitted Roadmaps to provided targeted green building information and resources to jurisdictions.

Step 5: Update Your Roadmap

Your custom Roadmap is a living document, and should be edited, amended, and updated as appropriate as you add to or change your green building policies and programs. The Roadmap is designed to capture the changes you make, so that previous versions are not lost.

Step 6: Distribute Your Roadmap

Advertising your green building policies and programs is crucial to building public and political support. Your Roadmap can be a useful resource in letting staff, management, and elected officials know about the positive green building and climate health efforts happening in their jurisdiction.

What makes a Sustainable City?

A sustainable community is one that works harmoniously to create a balance between equity for people, economy and environment. The community uses its resources to meet current needs while benefiting future generations. We conserve natural resources and their richness through prioritizing human health, eliminating waste, preventing pollution, maximizing conservation and promoting prosperity in our local living economy.

–   King County GreenTools, Earth Day 2010

Setting green building goals and greenhouse gas reduction targets is fundamental to the creation of a sustainable built environment. A green building program helps to conserve natural resources, reduce waste, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Benefits from green buildings:

  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions and maximize cost savings through building energy efficiency
  • Enhance affordability of commercial and residential buildings from lower utility costs
  • Maximize investments in housing and commercial buildings through adoption of value-added sustainable building practices
  • Decrease consumption of potable water, especially during summer
  • Enhance local and regional water quality through increased on-site stormwater management
  • Reduce waste during building construction and operation
  • Improve indoor environmental quality, occupant health, and employee productivity
  • Provide local living-wage jobs
  • Green certification programs encourage transit oriented development, multi modal transportation and planning

Any size jurisdiction can implement green building programs and climate health policies; all they need to get started are some simple resources and information. The Roadmap to a Green Building Program helps cities in King County create plans for achieving their green building goals. Jurisdictions facing limited staffing capacity to manage and maintain their own program can work collaboratively with neighbors, or adopt and build off of a neighbor’s plan based on mutual agreement. Whether you work with your neighbors or design your own program, King County GreenTools is dedicated to helping cities use the tools provided, to get green buildings on the ground in your city.

The Roadmap to a Green Building Program was developed in collaboration with the Sustainable Cities Roundtable, a coalition of King County jurisdictions. This is the online version of the Master Roadmap Guide that Cities can use to develop a custom Roadmap tailored to their unique community conditions.

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Create Your Custom Roadmap

Cities, you may choose your own valuable actions and resources to create a customized, dynamic document that can serve as the foundation of a green building program and an ongoing guidance document. Start using the tool now!

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Download Master Roadmap

The Master Roadmap is your reference and workbook for planning, creating and enhancing a green building program. Save the Master Roadmap for quick reference or print it as a desk reference or workbook.

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Download Roadmap Shortcut

The Roadmap Shortcut is a quick reference and a worksheet for selecting actions for your green building program.

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The Roadmap to a Green Building Program tool is made possible by a generous grant from the Washington State Department of Ecology. The Roadmap was developed by King County GreenTools and the Sustainable Cities Program.